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The Democrat and Chronicle is a daily newspaper serving the greater Rochester, New York, area. Located at 245 East Main Street in downtown Rochester, the Democrat and Chronicle operates under the ownership of Gannett. The paper's production facility is located in the town of Greece, New York. The Democrat and Chronicle is Rochester's only daily circulated newspaper.

A former Reporter shared some thoughts in a review he wrote for INDEED Not Much Good Here - referring about a job at The Democrat and Chronicle: "After 15 years of good work, there was held laid-off. The company was in the throes of staff reductions to save money. The management was haphazard in its standards and a lot of that had to do with the money-focused approach that influenced decisions."


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Food & Entertainment Advertising Specialist (Former Employee) says

"When people actually read the paper it was decent, print started dying and it went down hill as far as acquiring clients. Its been a while so it would not be fair to judge as I know they have gone to more of a digital format Cons: print is not as popular"

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"You drive your own car so you put a lot of miles on it."

Newspaper Carrier, Part Time (Current Employee) says

"it is job ! easy to delivery cuz it is tube .. I loves tube than walking, etc one thing I hate is waking up so early but no choice. it is job to earn $$$.."

Reporter (Former Employee) says

"After 15 years of good work there was held laid-off. The company was in the throes of staff reductions to save money. The management was haphazard in its standards and a lot of that had to do with the money focused approach that influenced decisions. Cons: Poor management"

Carrier Driver (Current Employee) says

"This job as a carrier is not a real money maker. The pay is dirt and the effort you must make for a couple hundred bucks a week makes you wonder why you're doing it. The other carriers can be quite rude so the work environment isn't great. The wear and tear on your car takes its toll so there's a lot to consider when considering taking this job. Cons: Poor base pay by company. Poor work environment."

Customer Service/Call Center (Former Employee) says

"There were times when it was a bit slow. There were a lot of email and phone orders that had to be placed. There were also many times that irate customers would call in due to not receiving a newspaper. I did get along with everyone. Cons: very early morning hours"

Circulation Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very good company to work for during a time when newspapers still had a little bit of moxie. The times have changed quick, and when you are a large company like Gannett, pro-active change is not always a smooth transition Cons: Driven soley by Advertising dollar, not cutting-edge journalism"

Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"The job was stressful but can be rewarding if you do a good job. There are a lot of ways to move up in the company and move to other departments. The benefits were very decent."

Independent Contractor Carrier (Current Employee) says

"You work 7days a week in all weather conditions. Your pay is based on how many customers you have. I go to get my papers about 12:30 am and may it there until 2am-3am before the papers get there (you don't get paid for sitting). Cons: don't get paid to sit and wait for papers"

Business Editor (Former Employee) says

"The newspaper has changed dramatically since I've worked there, as have most newspapers in the last 15 to 20 years."

Local Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"People here are truly dedicated to local journalism and the importance it plays in our communities. Everyone is working to make our product great. Hardest part of the job is the outside criticism and lack of understanding. Cons: Constantly changing work environment"

Multimedia Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"The money is there. They give you the tools. Make sure that you put the time and effort in and you will be rewarded. Only downside is the company is always asking "what are you going to do for me?" Not ever considering the question of "what have you done for me?""

Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I would come in and swip my id card and ask my team leader where i was going to be working for the day"

Pissed off customer says

"I work at an organization that orders multiple subscriptions and there isn\'t one co-worker that has anything good to say about this service. Representatives apparently don\'t understand English well enough to do their job considering they never follow directions. I don\'t want to be nasty but it\'s very frustrating. I\'ve called three times for similar issues and have not once been satisfied. If this was for my personal use I would have canceled and never look back. My issues... 1. Called rep and had to update payment information. Rep insisted I did not have the option to pay monthly, even though I had done it previously. Then I go on website to find that, in fact I can pay monthly. So no the reps are lying to us or simply incompetent. In addition I told rep to cancel the TV guide option as I didn\'t want to pay for something we don\'t use. She even gave me a hard time about that but eventually said she would take it off. 2. called back to add a paper to the order (wish I didn\'t have to give this company any more money!!! ) Sam told me that the tv guide had never been canceled. I told him I specifically did not want to pay yearly. He of course gave me a hard time about this but eventually we came to an agreement. But guess what. He screwed up my whole month of purchasing supplies for work because he went ahead and charged my card for a year. Are you kidding me. I did not authorize that. 3. Try to call and complain and can\'t seem to talk to a manager. Just got off the phone for the 4TH TIME!!! and I\'m told they already coordinated that, but yet I was only on hold or brought to the final survey to review my experience. Well guess what? It sucked. Democrat and Chronicle sucks!!! "

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